A state created on October 1st, 1996 whose people are mainly of Ijaw ethnic stock. It is a multilingual region with a population of About 2 million people spread over a land area of 21,110 square kilometers. Some parts of the region were involved in the Atlantic trade of slaves and other produces as far back as the 15th Century and this brought about a multitude of changes of which there are remains and relics till date.

A region rich in Natural resources like crude oil, Natural gas, Oil palm, raffia palm, mangrove, various timber species, fishes and other wildlife. Sand, gravel, clay and various food produces suggesting a great potential for development and various business possibilities.


The ancestry of Bayelsans has never been traced to anyplace outside the Niger Delta. The various communities that make up Bayelsa State were settled in the Niger Delta several thousand years before the arrival of the Portuguese on the coasts of the Niger Delta late in the 15th century (Alagoa).

All the languages of Bayelsa belongs to a highest level of linguistic relationship called the Niger-Congo phylum. The two main families of the Niger-Congo found in Bayelsa State are Ijoid and Benue-Congo branch of the Kwa-Congo subfamily of the Volta-Congo family (Kay Williamton and Efere)


Bayelsa State the “Glory of all Lands” as it is fondly called, is at the heart of what can be referred to as a ‘Modern Delta’ given its under 100 million years of age. It occupies the 10thposition in World ranking in terms of prominence.

Bayelsa State has a unique geological environmental make up as it is endowed with a lot of minerals some of which still represent untapped opportunities.

As a state, she is also blessed with sand and gravel quarry which is the second most important industry in the state. She possesses abundant deposits of shale and clays which are used for pottery, brick making and roof tiles also a relatively untapped area.

As one of the fastest growing states in Nigeria, and given the fact that engineering construction works in the state are in top gear due to the dynamism of leadership of the present administration, the abundant deposit of sharp sands and other supportive materials in the state have placed the state in a very unique position in terms of resource options.

The absence of vegetation cover on shorelines as well presents yet, another investment opportunity in solar energy, given its abundant sunlight, wind and wave most especially for the coastal dwellers.


Bayelsa State beside the abundance of oil and gas, is also endowed with fertile soil that is used in the production of arable and cash crops. The desire of the present administration to diversify the state economy and has opened new vista for investors to cash in on the various incentives.

Surveys carried out by the government, have shown that with improvements in the present level of technology, investment climate and robust incentives to potential investors, the soil in Bayelsa state undoubtedly possess very great potential and is definitely capable of turning the state into the food basket of the nation.



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