Invest Bayelsa

The HON. HENRY SERIAKE DICKSON led administration is happy to welcome all credible investors to Bayelsa State. A lot has been put in place to create an atmosphere conducive and safe for investment.

All investors should be assured of very profitable returns on their investments. The various investment opportunities available within the states are in these sectors: tourism, oil and gas, agriculture, fish farming, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, research, solid mineral, transportation and many more.

One of the aims of the administration is to diversify the economy working to ensure the economy has an agro-business and tourism base.
The beautiful rainforest, coastlines, rivers, land and climate in Bayelsa State supports tourism and the cultivation of both cash and food crops.




This sector is filled with a lot of untapped opportunities. We are happy to welcome investment partners in the areas of Eco tourism, Hotel and Resort development, Agri tourism, Cultural tourism, Garden Tourism, Health tourist – massaging etc.




The food and cash crops include oil palm, rice plantation, banana, plantains, yam, cocoyam, sweet potatoes, cocoa, pineapple, cassava, sugarcane, coconut and many others which can be used in cottage and large scale industries to serve both local needs and export.




There are ample opportunities as Bayelsa State has natural abundant supply of salt sand and clay hence investment in this sector will be beneficial and welcome.




Bayelsa State is an oil rich state which produces up to 40% of Nigeria’s crude exports.

There already exist several major oil industry operators like Agip, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, Consolidated Oil, Shell, Brass LNG, etc in the state but there are still more opportunities for new investors in this sector – both in production, gas gathering, service and refineries.




with the commercialization of Nigerian power production and distribution, ample opportunities for power plant, wind farms, Gas Turbine plants exist in Bayelsa State.




Fisheries opportunities exist in the fish/shrimp farming, large scale fishing, deep sea fishing and the freezing, storage and export of aquatic produces



Bayelsa state has been identified as a humid semi-hot equatorial climate of the Af Koppen’s system of climate classification.



Weather conditions over the state are a function of moist tropical maritime air mass and the dry and dust laden tropical continental air mass. The rainy season is occasioned by prevalence of the former and it blows from the Atlantic Ocean while on the other hand, the dry season is occasioned by prevalence of the latter which has its source in the high pressure belt of the Sahara Desert.


The average rainfall in Bayelsa state ranges from 2,000 to 4,000mm and this is spread across over 8 to 10 months of the year between March and November which is the rainy season. However, there is a short break between the months of July and September. This period of break is also known as August break. The dry season is short as well as it last between the months of December and February.

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