Lake Okao

Sitting on the bank of the lower Niger River, the town of Toru Orua (the home of Lake Okao), a typical Ijaw settlement, can be a source of unending pleasure and leisure to any visiting tourist. Visiting tourist will be fascinated by the nature of the people, their environment and can part take in activities as boat touring, fishing across the stretch of the river Niger, canoeing and kayaking, diving, eating and experiencing the rich delicacies of the Ijaw people.

Characterized by its abundance of fish, crocodile, several exotic birds and wildlife, Lake Okao is a meandering natural lake of about 3 Kilometer long and 150 meters wide in the thick forest land of Toru Orua town in the Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. The forest of Lake Okoa is also characterized by wild monkeys. The locals visit this lake from time to time for site seeing and fishing.

Possible investable tourist activity may include but is not limited to the promotion of wildlife-based tourism; safaris, gaming, camping, exotic, resort, fishing resort, rope gliding, hunting, fishing festival, site seeing around the Lake (hiking along wooden bridges locally referred to as “monkey bridges” across the lake)

Accessing Lake Okao is mainly by road from Yenagoa and other parts of Nigeria to Toru Orua town in Sagbama local government area and continuing the rest of the journey by a 25-30 minute interesting bush path walk. Before reaching Lake Okao from Toru Orua town, a meandering bush path walk with splendid and spectacular view of the reach flora and fauna rainforest of Bayelsa state which lead directly to the beautiful lake. The walk is characterized by inhaling some of the cleanest air available on earth and listening to the cacophonous sounds of beautiful song birds and strange sounds of other animals. It is a walk which can be extremely valuable to the journeying individual or team in terms of learning about the biodiversity of the rainforest of Bayelsa state.

A new access road which will cut across the lake and its forest is being created by the state government which will allow for easy access to the lake and into other parts of the Bayelsa state. Presently a contract has been awarded for the design and construction of the lakes access road and work is on-going at the moment.



It is located in Yenagoa the capital city of Bayelsa state. The lake has become a resort for tourists because it presents a pleasant calmness of nature. It has relaxation facilities and which gives a unique coastal view of the heart of the capital city.

At the water front, pleasure seekers can be delighted with BBQ grills, and delicacies such as Nkwobi, Ishiewu, Pepper Soup with assorted meat, etc.


Peace Park occupies a strategic location. It is at the very heart of the capital city just adjacent the seat of power. The park, apart from its strategic location and economic relevance to the state, it attracts a great number of tourists. The boating and water biking opportunities it offers is of paramount interest to tourists.



Lake Efi is a huge natural lake located in Sabagreia, in Kolokuma/Opokuma local government area of Bayelsa State, and that is where the popular fishing festival takes place. Astonishingly, the lake is  believed to be self-purifying and despite the forest that surrounds it’s approximately 2km square area, the lake clears every fallen piece of debris to its banks, leaving its entire surface pristine at all times. Also, according to local folklore, the lake is said to periodically provide fish in great quantities for food for local people. When this occurs, it is done in a big celebration festival as people collect the huge fishes lying around for collection. Even more astonishing, is the fact the lake is brimming with crocodiles that do not harm humans during the festival.


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